Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Adventure

We were making our way to Suwannee, GA on Wednesday morning. Michael is on the pone with his parents, confirming our lunch plans, I am looking ahead, watching the trees go by. I see us passing a car then... BAM... shattering glass. I am waiting for the SUV to spin out of control, and I can't figure out why that person slammed into us. A moment later I realize Michael has full control of the car, I hear him tell his dad 'hit a deer'. Michael gets the SUV over to the right shoulder, and I finally grasp what has happened.

A deer darted out onto I-75 north, the car in the middle lane hit the deer, causing the deer to turn sideways and fly through the air. Our SUV was in his flight path. The body of the deer (an 8 point dh thinks) slammed into the passenger side of our SUV, the head near the back and the hind legs at my window.

The impact cause every window on the passenger side of the car to shatter, there is glass everywhere. But thank goodness for safety glass, I am not cut at all. Amelia was sitting in the middle of the back seat. There is a fine dusting of deer fur all over the dashboard. Michael inspects the car, decides to finish the drive to Atlanta, about 2 hours. Luckily it is a warm day and no rain. It was a noisy ride, but not horrible. We get to Suwannee and the restaurant, I get the obligatory photos of the car. I will scrap this after all. All the doors have some type of damage and dents.

This is the side view of all the blown put windows.

Most likely where the shoulders of the deer hit.

Different view of the rear damage.

The front door has a couple small dents and no mirror.

For Tigger, this is probably where the head hit the car!

Michael will end up getting plexi-glass and cutting it to cover the windows. That made the ride home much nicer that plastic sheeting. Now the front door will no longer open, the mechanism is stuck. I will be calling the body shop tomorrow and hopefully will have it repaired in a week or so.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just Fun Stuff

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