Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home Again!

Amelia & I went away for the weekend. Where you ask??? Disney of course. lol We went with the Snyder family.

We drove up Saturday and headed for the Magic Kingdom. The weather was overcast, but cool. We rode Small World, Space Mountain, & Buzz Lightyear. Kristyn had an appointment at the BBB to become a princess, so we browsed the stores and hit the bakery.

The weather threatened rain all day, it finally arrived around 3:00. Just in time for us to head to the hotel and check in.

We went back to the Magic Kingdom around 6:00. Amelia really wanted to ride the cars at the Speedway, so that was our first stop. Then a twirl on the carousel. After, we got the little one to go on Haunted Mansion. Kristyn had fun, she is the 'rider' of that family.

After a quick dinner it was to the magic carpets for Katie. I suggested an evening Jungle Cruise, and we made the last boat. Our 'tour' guide was very funny, and it was neat to see it at night.

Today was a trip to Animal Kingdom. The weather was supposed to be cool, which is fine for this rainforest of a park. A temperature of 49° is not cool in my book, and it didn't get above until after 12:00. We rode the safari and took the kids to the petting zoo. Then we made our way to Expedition Everest.

I rode it twice... yippee!!! However, it was ***(&*()& cold on that ride. Amelia passed because of the temperatures.

Speaking of Amelia, she felt flip flops would be all the shoes she needed for the weekend. She had been told it would be cool today. So our first stop at Animal Kingdom was the gift shop for some socks! I told Wendy, "it wouldn't be a trip to Disney if we didn't buy clothes."

After Everest, we decided to come home. We stopped at Five Guys on Osceola Pkwy for lunch and then came home.

It was a great weekend, lots of fun, and lots of laughs. I can't wait for the next trip to Disney. Who is coming with me????

We stopped at Five Guys for lunch on the way

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be a friend

This is not a meant to get people to say "I am your friend." Just some observations about myself.

Someone tell me the secret to this. I am 39 years old and I am still lost. Really. I have friends, I know that. Don't get me wrong. I just don't know how to 'be a friend'. I have one that I talk to on a regular basis, I call her, we spend time together, share meals, etc... everyone else seems distant. I wait for them to call, for them to include me, for them to make the first move so to say.

I rarely call people on the phone. I always feel weird if I call for 'no' reason. I don't email for the same reason. I guess I don't know how to chit-chat. Then I worry that people will wonder why I called. Although, once a conversation starts, I can keep it going.

As time goes on, I think it would be okay to call, text, email someone. Then I think it would be odd if I started now, after several years of knowing each other. Why am I starting now? Would it seem odd for me to start saying hello by text? Would they think I was trying to be someone else? Would they see me as being pushy? Would they respond just in kind?

So the vicious cycle starts and stops and I stay limited in my contacts. I wait for people to seek my out, invite me, text me, talk to me.

I know how this all came about. I moved more times than can remember. Every time it was the same scenario. People would talk to you, size you up, put you in the social group you belonged, then some would stop talking to you. I learned to keep quiet and wait for the people who would be my friends to come along. Too much risk involved in putting myself out there.

Now, I am a grown woman. I have lived in the same place for almost 8 years (a record for me), worked in the same place for 4 years; yet these old feelings persist. Heck, I have internet friends I have known for these 8 years, and I am still just as nervous as ever.

I know some very wise women, so if you could share this secret with me, I would be most grateful. It is so scary to me that the things we learn as children and teens stay with us longer than any other lessons.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't say much about my headaches anymore. Mainly because the daily pain is not as bad as it was a year ago. Although not officially diagnosed, I have Chronic daily Headache. The main symptom is a headache at least 3 days a week or something silly like that. At headache pain 7 days a week, I think it is safe to say I have CDH.

I work with a wonderful chiropractor who has me on several natural supplements. The combination seems to be working. Most days the pain is so minimal that I don't considerate it pain. Even better, headache pain is not the first thing I notice the minute I wake up these days. Nothing like waking up in pain to start the day on the 'right foot'.

You see the "But..." coming in this post, right.

However, not all days are great. Maybe it is the hormones, gotta love being female. Maybe it is the stress; and I am dealing with some stress at work right now. And there is very little I can do about it.

Whichever, this is not a good week. The pain has been just below the level at which I will complain (and that is about a 5 on my pain scale). It has flirted with me each morning; "does it hurt or not?" Tonight, it reared its ugly head. Moving up the scale to about a 7.

I will go to bed and as the world around me calms and quiets the throbbing in my head will increase, or least my awareness of it will increase. I will lay there, wishing away the pain, yet the pain will keep me up. Staying awake until I fall asleep is not an option as I have to work tomorrow. Eventually, sleep will win.

Then I will wake up, the first thought will be "My head hurts." The throbbing will still be there, as if I can feel each beat of my heart. The only relief from the pain is sleep and sleeping all the time just isn't possible. I will lay there, hoping it goes away. Then the inevitable will occur, I will get up. I will shower and dress for work. I will go in and smile and do the best I can do.

If I am lucky the pain will ease off. If not, it will intensify, and that could lead to crying. I hate crying for no good reason. I hate crying when my head just won't stop hurting, it is almost like my eyes have to release some tension and crying is how they do it. I still hate it. I hate telling people my head hurts and they just nod like they know what I mean. I don't talk about my head issues with most people. I don't want it to rule my life. But every once in a while I need to bitch, I need to be heard, I need some sympathy.

Not many people read my blog, so the sympathy thing won't be much. It just feels good to bitch, to complain, to whine, to be a baby, and to just let it all out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Disney World

I got annual passes for Amelia & I again, and with the promotion, they don't expire until April 2011. YAY!!! I went to Epcot on Saturday with my friends. The were 5 children, ages 7 and under. Amelia had a friend visiting and did not go.

We rode 3 things and walked around the World. lol Stopping to enjoy a funnel cake in America and Grand Marnier orange slush in France. Both are yummy!

As I walked around, not really stopping at anything specific, I wondered why I love Disney World. And I can't think of a reason. I live 2 hours away, I can go for a day, a weekend, or a long stay. There is no pressure to 'see and do everything' when I visit.

Maybe that is what I enjoy. It is a fun place to visit, I enjoy the rides, I don't have to rush when I go. I can look at the details in the buildings, landscape, etc... But most of all, I loved being there with my friends, that is probably what makes it the most fun.

I am trying to plan a quick trip in April. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Focus... Change

I started this blog as a way for family to keep up with what's new in our lives, as everyone is so far away. That didn't seem to be happening, so I quit blogging.

2010 has arrived and most people are making their resolutions. I spent the last part of 2009 finding my word for 2010. I thought about what I wanted to make better in my life, there were many things. I am still striving to stay in touch with family more, I am still struggling with my weight and lack of exercise, I want to pursue my creative outlets more, and a few other goals I am not ready to vocalize.

I thought of redoing the word 'accomplish' but these are not goals that will ever end. These are things in my life that I want to be different forever.

I thought about the word 'commit', but I can't get the commercials for the stop smoking gum out of my head.

I tossed a few other words around and slept on the idea. I woke with the word 'Change' in my head. I knew it was the right word, the right idea, the right path for me to follow this year.

This blog will be a change as well. I will post whatever I want. If people want to read it, fine. If not, fine. This is for me, a place to put my random thoughts, a place to ramble, a place to judt be. This is my journey.