Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have been doing well with my diet and exercise. I am still tracking my calories. I am staying within my calorie range. In fact I did a little research about basal metabolic rates and upped my daily maximum. Monday was a great weigh in morning. I made my first goal. Happy Dance time!!

Today I am up a pound! How is that even possible. I stayed within my range, I exercised; grrrrrrrr

I know there are all sorts of explanations, but right now they don't mean anything to me. All I see is that I am doing the right stuff and seeing negative results. This is the point at which I normally throw in the towel. I want to quit right now. What difference does it make? And all that.

But I won't, at least I hope I won't. Forget hope, I WILL NOT quit! I am going to keep on keeping on as they say. Still counting calories, still exercising, and still being positive. It certainly isn't easy.

I don't need advise, I really don't. That would just frustrate me even more. (gotta be honest here) I just need someone to listen and encourage. Thanks

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Sandi said...

Listening, understanding and hugging...