Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun With Chocolate

I saw this idea for strawberry shortcake skewers on Pinterest and decided to try it. Since I was melting chocolate anyway I made a couple more things.

For the kids; chocolate dipped marshmallows with nonperells of course.

And for Michael; chocolate and peanut clusters.

I am working on doing more of the things I love. I love baking; bread, cookies, brownies, playing with melted chocolate, etc... I am going to do more of it. I really had fun this morning doing something relatively simple.

Happy Sunday to you all.


Carrielyn said...

How did the shortcake spears turn out??? Did the cake hold up? If they were good, I highly suggest you post some directions before I come down there are raid your kitchen!

(And good for you for refocusing on things you enjoy!!!)

Donna said...

Those look so YUMMY!!!!