Friday, March 30, 2007

Moment of Silence

It was a sad day yesterday. I came home to find my poor little mac overheated and frozen. The hardrive fan was running, but nothing worked. I turned it off, and let it cool down. Pressed the magic power button, only to get a grey screen and an odd 'clicking' sound. I waited and nothing happened. I turned it off, waited and tried again. This time I got a flashing folder with a question mark on my screen.

I knew the signs, it was dead. At least it was painless, for the computer. I took it to the Apple store. The tech guy commented that the drive was really dead. He couldn't boot my machine using his. He was impressed that my photos were on an external drive, glad he didn't have to give me any tissues. lol

So my macbook is awaiting a new hard drive, I am using Michael's to post this. I should have mine back tomorrow. Another bonus with Apple, they are close and do repairs in house. Of course on the way home I started to list what I lost... banking info, bookmarks, lesson plans, lesson plan template, classroom games & activities, itunes and my taxes...ugh!!! I do know of the utilities to get all my songs off my ipod back to my computer, so those are safe, some of the school stuff is still on the old Dell. As for the rest.... may it rest in peace.

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Donna said...

Rest in peace little computer!