Friday, March 16, 2007

What we are doing???

27th Parallel Winter Guard, that's what. Amelia is a part of this winter color guard. She is an actress in the show. This year's theme is
A story of a day in the life of the children of the Terezin Concentration camp during WWII. Join us as we explore their music, their art and more importantly, their hope for a better future.

The team competes January through April in local competitions. Which usually means a Saturday out of town. She is really enjoying it. These are just a couple shots from a recent competition.

More photos can be seen at my SmugMug photo gallery.


Everlasting Monday said...

These pics are really great. The action is cool!

Jeanne said...

love these pictures! I bet that room was hushed watching...

Donna said...

Great pics Candice! I remember the guard competitions...they were so much fun!