Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tonight was Wendy's annual Halloween party, with pumpkin carving of course! Every one did a fantastic job. When they were done, I had everyone take them outside to a place in the yard that was fairly dark.

I put the camera on a stack of books. I laid on a towel to set the focus and exposure. This was taken in manual mode. I used the self timer to reduce camera shake. Lots of warning the kids not to walk by the pumpkins. And making sure everyone else had their flashes turned off. These both had a 30 second exposure due to the light. I think I am getting better every year.

Next year, I WILL take the wide angle lens for the group shot. woulda, coulda, shoulda!

This is Amelia's jack-o-lantern. She did it all by herself.


Steve said...

SUPER pictures! Those are very cool.

Amelia did awesome! I did the witch one on the end.

The girl pumpkin (is that Belle?) is probably my favorite because it looks the hardest with the eyes and lips.

Carrielyn said...

These are AWESOME pictures!!!