Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Daughter.... The GEEK!!!

I am one proud mama tonight. I am beaming, literally. My baby is a geek. It is official!!!

She got pulled out of lunch today with 30 other kids, by the counselor. Her state test scores put her in the top 5%... yes I said the TOP 5% of ALL the 7th graders in the states of FL!!! Top 5%!!!!

She qualifies for the Duke University Talent Identification Program!!! Upon enrollment, she can take the ACT or SAT this year. She will be eligible for special programs offered by Duke and other stuff. I am going to enroll her for the ACT in February. Those high schoolers will get a quite a shock when they see my little on walk in to take the exam!!

Can you tell I am so proud!!! The biggest reason I am so proud... She is supposed to be in 6th grade this year. Because she was reading at 4 & 1/2, counting, adding and other stuff, I was able to get the school district to accelerate here into first grade. She has always done well, and is in advanced classes.

Excuse me while I brag just once more!!!!


Jeanne said...

how fantastic!!! I am so excited for you!! that's awesome news!

Amber Daub said...

That's awesome! Good for her. :)

Donna said...

That is awesome. You should be very proud!!!