Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Presenting... My Christmas Tree

Here it is, my tree. I really love all the lights. It is quite full, heck it touched the ceiling in the house. Not hard to do, but still. I have a multitude of ornaments on there. Ranging from the ones Amelia has made in school to the ones I have received as presents, to the few snowmen I have collected over the years.

I was experimenting with flash compenstation on these photos. Actually turning down the flash exposure. I was happy with the results. The photos are a little brighter than with no flash, yet still capture the warmth of the dark room. Full flash was too bright.

One more experiment here. I was going for a silhouette of Amelia. I still need to work on this technique. There is a little shadow behind her. But I am proud of my first try.

I have to share with you. The star is actually zip tied to the tree. There wasn't enough room for my angel, so I put the star in front on the middle branch, zip tied it on, and rearranged the branches so you can't tell.


Landstoken said...

I just love the american way to decorate a x-mas tree. Lovely!!
greetings from sweden

Carrielyn said...

VERY cool pictures! I didn't notice Amelia's shadow until you pointed it out!

And too funny about the star.