Saturday, December 22, 2007

Word for 2008: ACCOMPLISH

It is that time of year again. A new year approached, new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities. People are thinking about the changes they want to make in the new year, deciding what resolutions to make, etc... But I learned long ago, I am not good with resolutions. Maybe it is because they focus on one thing. If you mess up, it is easy to give up the whole idea. 

Last year a scrappers blog suggested coming up with a word for the year. Of course tying that in with the idea of scrapping your goals and later results. I never picked a word. I couldn't think of one that fit what I wanted to change in my life. 

The challenge was issued again by a friend. I thought about my habits and actions. I realized I am a top notch planner. I have great ideas. My problem comes in the execution of those ideas. Actually, the lack of execution. I looked up synonyms for execute, didn't want people fearing their lives if my word was execute. As I read the list, I came across my word... ACCOMPLISH! 

Yes, that is what I want to do. I want to accomplish things in my life. No lofty goals here, no marathons or mountain climbing in my future. I want to send out the Valentine cards before March. I want to stay caught up with my school work. I want to scrap more. I want to become a better photographer. All of these things I want to ACCOMPLISH! I will be posting often about this goal. I will be adding it to my sidebar. I will accomplish many things this year.

So... what have you accomplished today? 

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Donna said...

Excellent Word Candice!!!!