Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Piano

Well, actually a piano. I have decided to buy one. I have always wanted to learn to play. Since being honest with myself is a part of my communicate goal, I made the decision.

Of course, when I told Michael, he gave me that look. The one that says, "what is the point of that?" My response was simple,"motorcycle, guns, boat". He has things for himself, I can have the same. 

But he has already been looking on Craig's list for one. It was $250 and needed refinishing, so I said, thanks for looking, but we can find better. I am not in a rush, but will have a piano by the end of the year. 


Cyn Pip Pics said...

Good for you!!! Hope you find the perfect one, soon!

Donna said...

I love this picture Candice!

J. Money said...

cool! now, just remember to actually PLAY IT once you buy it ;) we got one off of CL 2 years ago and i believe i've only sat down to use it about 5 times...i should really start learning again!