Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Dear Husband

If you have been reading my Thankful posts on Facebook, you may have wondered why I haven't mentioned my husband, Michael, yet. Shouldn't he be at the top of my list? Don't I think of him often? Am I not thankful for him after all???

I have to wait, today is our Anniversary. It seems silly to write about him early in the month when he gets a whole day!!! 17 years ago, this man agreed to be my husband. That is the best way to put it.

We have known each other over 27 years. He says that he remembers the day we met very well. That he knew then there was something about me. He never claimed love at first sight, just that he was attracked to me. Probably more like lust. lol He was a 15 year old at the time. :) I love that story. Especially considering how many years later it was before we dated and then married.

I am not an easy wife. I can be a little temperamental, I have a temper, and I can be stubborn. But he puts up with me. He isn't perfect either. I think we balance each other out pretty well.

He is a wonderful father. He has his own way of showing his love, but it is there. I really can't find the words to describe him accurately in my eyes. He is everything I need. That's it... everything I need. I love you Michael, more than I can ever say. Happy Anniversary.

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Just Me said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post!