Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Friends

Today I am thankful for my DAWGS! I cannot believe that I met these ladies online 9+ years ago. Back then we were told to be worried about people we met online. After, everyone was hiding behind the anonymous computer monitor, everyone was a predator, and most certainly all the women were dirty old men. :)

Yet, I posted and talked and shared with these women. It was a couple years later when someone decided we should meet... in person!!! Again, all the warnings were issued by others. "I can't believe you are going." "How do you know who they are" It seemed unlikely that 20+ women were all lying about their identities.

Fast forward and there have been two large gatherings I have attended. A visit to one in Texas, and a few random dinners and meet ups through the years.

They saw me through the headache years. Listening to all my complaining and only offering support. They have sent good thoughts and prayers every time they have been requested. These ladies have a powerful connection as they always seem to work.

I have witnessed some growing stronger from several over the years. I can only thank them for sharing the experiences and struggles. It is a honor to witness.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention our token male, Steve. Who admitted to being a man from day one. He sees life through comedic eyes and makes it a funnier place.

Who knew that a bunch of women who started out with questions about photography and scrapbooking would turn into a wonderful and eclectic group of fiends. Not me, but I am sure glad it did.

I hope to get to see many of you next summer. :)

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Just Me said...

And we are so thankful for you! It is a special bunch of women!