Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Friend Chris

Today I am reaching far back into my life for this thankful post. I am thankful for my friend Chris. We met our senior year in high school. Too long ago to put down an actual year.

He has always been one to push the envelope, but in a good way. He speaks his mind and has always had a confidence that you couldn't help but notice.

He helped me discover my love of Broadway musicals. I shocked him the day I sang, on key, from Phantom of the Opera. Those high note days are long gone. He encouraged me to express myself and find my style.

He listened and gave advise when needed, always with love. He encouraged and called me out as well. He understands my southern charm. :) He helped me become a stronger, more confident woman.

Today we have grown apart; distance and time play a role. Thanks to Facebook I get a glimpse of his life today. He has found a wonderful man to become his husband. I am so happy for him. Despite the struggles he faces, I can tell he is happy and living life to the fullest. Thank you Chris for being a part of my life.

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