Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home Again!

Amelia & I went away for the weekend. Where you ask??? Disney of course. lol We went with the Snyder family.

We drove up Saturday and headed for the Magic Kingdom. The weather was overcast, but cool. We rode Small World, Space Mountain, & Buzz Lightyear. Kristyn had an appointment at the BBB to become a princess, so we browsed the stores and hit the bakery.

The weather threatened rain all day, it finally arrived around 3:00. Just in time for us to head to the hotel and check in.

We went back to the Magic Kingdom around 6:00. Amelia really wanted to ride the cars at the Speedway, so that was our first stop. Then a twirl on the carousel. After, we got the little one to go on Haunted Mansion. Kristyn had fun, she is the 'rider' of that family.

After a quick dinner it was to the magic carpets for Katie. I suggested an evening Jungle Cruise, and we made the last boat. Our 'tour' guide was very funny, and it was neat to see it at night.

Today was a trip to Animal Kingdom. The weather was supposed to be cool, which is fine for this rainforest of a park. A temperature of 49° is not cool in my book, and it didn't get above until after 12:00. We rode the safari and took the kids to the petting zoo. Then we made our way to Expedition Everest.

I rode it twice... yippee!!! However, it was ***(&*()& cold on that ride. Amelia passed because of the temperatures.

Speaking of Amelia, she felt flip flops would be all the shoes she needed for the weekend. She had been told it would be cool today. So our first stop at Animal Kingdom was the gift shop for some socks! I told Wendy, "it wouldn't be a trip to Disney if we didn't buy clothes."

After Everest, we decided to come home. We stopped at Five Guys on Osceola Pkwy for lunch and then came home.

It was a great weekend, lots of fun, and lots of laughs. I can't wait for the next trip to Disney. Who is coming with me????

We stopped at Five Guys for lunch on the way


Donna said...

Sounds Like a great day Candice!

I'll be heading that way in April! We need to try and schedule a visit!

Donna said...

Hey was the wedding shoot? Can you share any pics?

Check my have something there.