Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Focus... Change

I started this blog as a way for family to keep up with what's new in our lives, as everyone is so far away. That didn't seem to be happening, so I quit blogging.

2010 has arrived and most people are making their resolutions. I spent the last part of 2009 finding my word for 2010. I thought about what I wanted to make better in my life, there were many things. I am still striving to stay in touch with family more, I am still struggling with my weight and lack of exercise, I want to pursue my creative outlets more, and a few other goals I am not ready to vocalize.

I thought of redoing the word 'accomplish' but these are not goals that will ever end. These are things in my life that I want to be different forever.

I thought about the word 'commit', but I can't get the commercials for the stop smoking gum out of my head.

I tossed a few other words around and slept on the idea. I woke with the word 'Change' in my head. I knew it was the right word, the right idea, the right path for me to follow this year.

This blog will be a change as well. I will post whatever I want. If people want to read it, fine. If not, fine. This is for me, a place to put my random thoughts, a place to ramble, a place to judt be. This is my journey.


Donna said...

Love your word Candice!

I'm I'm glad to see you blogging again!

Lynette said...

Good choice and good beginning for 2010.